Supercharge your laptop


Power when you need it


Up to 10x the graphical computing power of the typical consumer laptop. You never have to buy a bulky desktop again.


Virtual Reality

With the Wolfe Pro, your laptop is fully equipped to handle VR. For the first time, gamers, developers, and other professionals can use this technology without a desktop computer.



The Wolfe outperforms consoles and most desktops, so you can play all the latest AAA games. And for enthusiasts, the Wolfe Pro allows you to play at the highest settings, without compromising performance.


Professional Work

The Wolfe lets you create faster and more efficiently than ever. Enhance your CAD with super-smooth rendering and modeling, boost your performance in the Adobe Suite, or power any other GPU-accelerated application.


Easy to use


Minimal setup required. Plug in, install, and you're ready to run.


Plug in.

Power up.



On the go

The Wolfe's compact form factor and mobile power supply allow you to take it wherever you go. Never feel tied to your desk again.